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Steve Mills

June 27, 2022

Open-Cycle Gas Turbine

A gas turbine generating unit where the exhaust gases from the turbine are not employed to generate additional power by means of a steam turbine – as they would be in a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine.
June 24, 2022

Molten Salt

An energy storage medium used predominantly to retain the thermal energy collected by a solar tower or solar trough of a concentrating solar power plant, so that this energy can be used at a later time to generate electricity.
June 23, 2022

Micro-Generation / Mini-Grid / Micro-Grid

For distributed renewable energy systems for energy access, a mini-grid/micro-grid typically refers to an independent grid network operating on a scale of less than 10 MW (with most at very small scale) which distributes electricity to a limited number of customers. Mini-/micro-grids also can refer to much larger networks (e.g.,…
June 22, 2022

Nameplate Capacity

Nameplate capacity, also known as the rated capacity, nominal capacity, installed capacity, or maximum effect, is the intended full-load sustained output of a facility such as a power plant, electric generator, a chemical plant, fuel plant, metal refinery, mine, and many others. Nameplate capacity is the number registered with authorities…
June 21, 2022

Market Concession Model

A model in which a private company or non-governmental organisation is selected through a competitive process and given the exclusive obligation to provide energy services to customers in its service territory, upon customer request. The concession approach allows concessionaires to select the most appropriate and cost-effective technology for a given…
June 20, 2022

Load & Load Factor

The amount of electric power delivered or required at any specific point or points on an electrical system. The requirement originates at the energy-consuming equipment of the customer. Load Factor measures the relationship between unit consumption and maximum demand and is the percentage capacity utilisation figure of a site's power consumption.…
June 17, 2022

Levelised cost of energy/electricity (LCOE)

The cost per unit of energy from an energy generating asset which is based on the present value of its total construction and lifetime operating costs, divided by total energy output expected from that asset over its lifetime. Levelised cost of energy is a commonly used measure of the cost…
June 15, 2022

Infrastructure Costs

These relate mostly to the costs of providing the infrastructure required to deliver power. They include the cost of energy lost as heat as it travels from the power station down the transmission and distribution wires to the consumption point.