Power & Utilities Project Finance

Build on your existing basic understanding of project finance by acquiring sector-specific knowledge and analytical tools relating to the power & utilities sector.

This course is designed to help participants with a basic level of project finance knowledge understand a specific sector, its evolution and the risk assessment linked to its relevant technologies.

Starting with a review of basic project finance principles, participants are guided through an overview of the power & utilities sector and its evolution across an range of technologies and regulatory regimes. They learn how to identify the main qualitative and quantitative risks for each specific power technology, during construction and operation.

The course takes the participants through the various contractual arrangements associated with a power project, from a coal-fired power project, to CCGT, to solar and wind, tracking the evolution of the energy balance.

The participants will also learn about the importance of regulation, and  the offtake arrangements specific to conventional and renewable power markets.

The participants’ knowledge is reinforced by means of a study of the major environmental & social risk assessment issues in a power project and an overview of the main regulations which must be respected.

On completion of the course, participants will be equipped with a clear understanding of:

  • the various power technologies and main aspects of due diligence needed to structure a financing for a project which employs them;
  • the main risks and possible mitigants in power project finance;
  • the key bankability issues in power project finance;
  • the main technical & quantitative parameters in a power project finance model;
  • the key role of E&S due diligence for the power sector.

The course is led by Audrey Caulliez-Louis, who shares her knowledge gained from over 15 years’ experience of project finance in the banking industry.