Optic Fibre Project Finance

Project Finance has been applied to projects in the Telecoms sector for decades and has now evolved rapidly in recent years, to adapt to the accelerating changes in technology and, amongst others, deployment of optic fibre networks across the world.

This course has been designed to help participants involved in the Optic Fibre project finance sector to develop an understanding of how project finance techniques are applied to projects using established telecom technologies.

Participants will learn the fundamentals of project finance applied to the Optic Fibre sector, namely:

  • Reminder of Project Finance fundamentals
  • Specific aspects of due diligence for Optic Fibre projects
  • The importance of cashflow, via market assessment of expected Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
  • How Project Finance is used by Sponsors and Investors in the sector
  • The Optic Fibre Project Finance market – recent trends and financial structures

The Course is unique in that it is delivered by practising professionals, offering a range of different perspectives.

Prior to the course, participants will each receive a package of materials (written and supported by three short videos) describing and explaining the project finance fundamentals, following which the programme is delivered over a two-day in-room tutorial or 4 distinct half-day webinar sessions:

During the first two sessions, participants will gain a general understanding of the Optic Fibre Project Finance sector and learn about a general approach to the qualitative risks analysis in the sector. The following sessions will cover the quantitative risk assessment and a detailed understanding of the specific financial features applied to Fibre Optic transactions.

A case study will be used throughout the course to analyse the various aspects of Project Finance in the sector and the participants will also hear about some transactions closed in the sector in diverse jurisdictions.