Operation Maintenance & Services (OMS)

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OMS includes wind farm OMS and onshore transmission OMS.

Definitions of O, M and S are as follows:

  • Operation: day-to-day management including all the work not covered under maintenance and service. For wind farm OMS, this includes cost for port facilities, buildings, management personnel, environmental monitoring and community engagement;
  • Maintenance of assets: scheduled (that is, planned a long time in advance) maintenance, that may be based on suppliers’ recommendations or owner’s experience. It includes condition-based or time-based maintenance programmes and planned health and safety inspections. Typical maintenance includes inspection, checking of bolted joints and replacement of wear parts (with design life less than the design life of the project).
  • Service of assets: unscheduled interventions in response to events or failures. Interventions may be proactive (before failure occurs, for example responding to inspections or condition monitoring or reactive (after failure that affects generation has occurred). Also included are interventions due to major components not lasting the full turbine design life, even if intervention was planned prior to construction. Service operations include both on site repair and replacement of large and small components.