What a year 2020 has been.  In addition to the launch of CCC Training, an unforeseen pandemic, economic collapse, and likely changes to business models for many energy and infrastructure players are just the highlights, if that is the right word.  For sponsors and banks struggling to keep businesses operating smoothly, lockdown will not have meant a slower pace of life.  But the market has continued to absorb transactions (and banks process to waivers!).  In some respects, the world has changed immensely.  In others, life goes on as before.  Some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century – mitigating climate change and ensuring the world’s infrastructure supports continued development – remain.

To try and make sense of the year, and think about where 2020’s events might lead us, Proximo is inviting back its longest-serving regulars, including CCC Training’s Ian Cogswell, to talk through the last 12 months and ponder where the next 12 months might take us.  Joining the panel alongside Ian will be Tom Nelthorpe, contributing editor of Proximo (moderator); Michael Whalen, managing director at Berkeley Research Group; and Jonathan Yellen of Yellen & Co.

Tune in at 3pm (UK) on Thursday 17th December.

More details can be found here