An increasing number of clients – both individuals and organisations – are choosing to address their training needs using online solutions.

Individuals want to be able to access courses online whenever they wish, from wherever they are and as many times as necessary. Organisations want the same for their staff, but may also need the course content or case studies to be tailored to their own requirements and objectives.

CCC Training can meet both of these sets of needs.  We shall be rolling out an expanding range of public eLearning courses over the coming months. These programmes incorporate teaching videos, course texts, self-testing tools and case studies designed to allow individuals to learn effectively at their own pace.  Any of our eLearning programmes can, however, form the basis for building a bespoke course for an organisation. Furthermore, online delivery allows us much greater flexibility to deploy more than one of our trainers on a programme where a mix of expertise is required. This is rarely feasible in a classroom-based environment.

Click below to view our eLearning courses and/or make an enquiry to learn more about our public and private eLearning programmes.

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