The Practice of Project Finance

An online course teaching practical project financing skills by means of instructional videos, structured study texts and tailored case studies.

The Practice of Project Finance is CCC Training’s blended learning solution for trainees from a single organisation, combining:

  • the workbooks, teaching videos and self-testing of the Project Finance Toolbox;

  • case studies selected to reflect the needs and priorities of the client;

  • regular online seminars led by the founders of CCC Training

The course is delivered over a 16-18 week period in modular form, with new modules / case studies being released on a two-weekly cycle.

CCC Training believes this course to be unique because it:

  • provides a group of trainees with a structured and practical approach to project structuring – which can be applied to almost any project;
  • allows extensive customisation – content, case studies and sector focus are tailored to the client’s requirements;
  • gives access, through the online seminars, to a pool of experienced project finance professionals with a wide range of skills and market knowledge

On completion of the course, participants will have a clear understanding of:

  • What project finance is and why it is used / not used in particular cases;
  • The corporate structures used in project finance transactions;
  • The qualitative risk factors encountered in almost all projects;
  • How to enhance project bankability through risk allocation / mitigation;
  • The use of economic models to optimise and stress-test debt structures.

Trainees will benefit in particular from the online seminars (every two weeks) led by  Audrey Caulliez-Louis, Ian Cogswell, Calvin Walker and Steve Mills because they:

  1. consolidate and reinforce the material in the eLearning modules;
  2. allow the trainees the opportunity to apply what they have learned – in a risk-free environment.

If you are an individual requiring eLearning in project finance, please visit the course profile for the Project Finance Toolbox.

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