Project Finance: Documenting the Transaction

An online course teaching practical project financing skills by means of instructional videos, structured study texts and tailored case studies.

This course is designed to help participants with a basic level of Project Finance knowledge progress to a higher level of understanding across the entire project finance transaction matrix, with a particular focus on the legal aspects.

The content of this course has been designed to dovetail with – and complement – CCC Training’s eLearning course “The Project Finance Toolbox”.

The programme is delivered online, by means of teaching videos, structured study texts, self-testing exercises and tailored case studies.

The first two modules of the programme provide essential background information on:

  • the lenders’ perspective, including syndicated loans and the syndicated credit markets; and
  • the finance documentation process, including engagement with the sponsors

They thereby provide a firm foundation for the subsequent modules, which deal with:

  • the structure and provisions of the project loan agreements – from a commercial as well as legal perspective;
  • project accounts, financial ratios and the cash flow waterfall;
  • other finance documents – such as equity subscription agreements, guarantees, intercreditor agreements and direct agreements; and
  • the project finance security package

A practical term sheet case study draws together the strands of all the course modules and serves to reinforce and consolidate the topics covered.

On completion of the course, participants will be equipped with a clear understanding of:

  • lenders’ approach to project finance transactions
  • lenders’ package of finance documents
  • project finance from a legal perspective and how to apply that theory in practice; and
  • key negotiation and drafting points in finance documentation.

The course is led by Calvin Walker, who shares his knowledge  gained  from over 25 years’ experience at two major international law firms , where he advised as lead partner on multiple international project finance transactions.

CCC Training’s eLearning courses are designed to provide high-impact training for individuals studying online at their own pace. They can, however, be customized to meet the needs of corporate clients who wish to train groups of staff members. In such cases the delivery schedule and course materials (including case studies) can be tailored as required.