Financing Fibre Networks

This course has been designed to introduce participants with little or no prior knowledge of fibre optic projects to the necessary requirements for raising project finance debt.

Participants will learn about the fibre optic projects that successfully attract project financiers.

Subsequently, they will be guided through the lenders’ approach to analysing the risks that are specific to the sector (technology, market risk, maintenance risk, etc), as well as understanding the various mitigation strategies available.

Finally, they will hear about a current outlook and the main trends on the market, with the typical loan structures applied to these assets.

The Course is unique in that it is delivered by practising professionals, offering a range of different perspectives.

What is the Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) market ?

  • Market potential
  • Architecture of FTTH networks
  • Examples of recent transactions in the sector

Risk Identification & Mitigation

  • Sponsor/Developer Risk
  • Construction & Technology Risk
  • Market risk
  • Offtake structures and counter parties
  • O&M risks
  • Regulatory Risk
  • Environmental, Social & Governance Risk
  • Hybrid Corporate vs. Project Finance approach

Keyareas for Lenders

  • Key concepts (ARPU, homes passed & connected)
  • Main legal concern for lenders
  • Main due diligence questions

Loan Structures

  • Typical Loan Structures
  • Specific features (Accordions and mini-perms)
  • Key Metrics

The half-day course (3 ½ hours), which is delivered by live webinar is led by Audrey Caulliez-Louis, who shares her knowledge gained from over 20 years’ experience leading and structuring project finance transactions.