The Project Finance Toolbox

An online course teaching practical project financing skills by means of instructional videos, structured study texts and tailored case studies.

The Project Finance Toolbox delivers an intensely practical set of techniques which can be used to:

a) analyse projects from first principles;

b) develop debt structures tailored to the needs of a specific project.

The course has three components, which use tools and materials “road-tested” over many years of classroom and online training practice:

  • The Nuts & Bolts – a solid grounding in limited-recourse finance;
  • Risk Assessment, Allocation & Mitigation – in which a detailed risk matrix is used to dissect a project and assess / enhance its “bankability”;
  • Debt Sizing, Structuring & Testing – which demonstrates how:
    • economic models are used to build and stress-test debt structures;
    • how the interests of sponsors and lenders are balanced.

Tailored case studies and self-testing questionnaires are used throughout to reinforce learning.

On completion of the course, participants will have a clear understanding of:

  • What project finance is and why it is used / not used in particular cases;
  • The corporate structures used in project finance transactions;
  • The qualitative risk factors encountered in almost all projects;
  • How to enhance project bankability through risk allocation / mitigation;
  • The use of economic models to optimise and stress-test debt structures.

The Project Finance Toolbox has been designed and is delivered by Steve Mills – a trainer with 30 years of banking experience (25 in project finance) and a proven track-record in online and classroom training.

The Toolbox provides high-impact training for individuals studying online. It can be customized to meet the needs of corporate clients who wish to train groups of staff members. If this is what you require please visit the course profile for the Practice of Project Finance.

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