Trinity Medical Centre-Wagga Wagga

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Last modified 24/6/2015 9:43AM
Address 54 Best Street
Suburb Wagga Wagga
Postcode 2650
State New South Wales
Branch Clinic
Phone 259083000
Fax 259083004
Email [email protected]
No. of Doctors 1 GP principal + medical students (varies)+ registrars(varies)
Opening Hours Mon -Fri 8:30am-4:30pm, Sat 9:00am-12:00 noon
Our philosophy also is that we do not discriminate against gender race religion etc. All patients need to have equal rights and the financial status of the patient should not stand as a barrier for treatment and we en-devour to assist our patients when needed."
Random Case audit and case discussion we found is very practical and useful so we do it regularly.
Based on the level and interest of the trainee whether a medical student or a registrar we use tutorials power points teleconferencing and skyping. Attending CPD events workshops and group discussions and discussion of the outcomes with members of the practice who were unable to attend are part of our ongoing training style and quality improvement.
We have used video recording of the consultations/procedures as well whenever possible."
Dr Gouda also holds a Master degree in Skin cancer in primary care through the university of Queensland so thorough skin examinations through the latest in digital dermoscopy machines is offered on particular days. Different types of biopsy techniques are used and taught as well as primary excisions of skin lesions and skin grafts and flaps for different types of skin lesions. Cryotherapy and serial curettage and cauterization is spared for specific diagnoses.
No cosmetic surgery/treatment is offered"
Practice Nurses: Robin Murray Dona Adapoor
Dietitian-To be advised
Pathology on site: DHM
Medical students and nursing students"
Allied Health Staff Dietitian will be joining soon.
All rooms and reception areas are equipped with a panic button connected to security.
There is a back up generator easily operated in case of an electrical emergency.
In each consulting room there is:
Electrical beds (including procedure and treatment rooms).
Automatic BP machines with 3 cuff sizes and rate detection/fibrillation sign
Heine diagnostic auroscope and ophthalmoscope sets ( wall-mounted)
Teleconferencing computer cameras.
NON touch thermometers.
Tendon hammers
Tongue depressors
Three tray printers
Computers connected to a central server with internet access and wi-fi and external back up batteries in case of blackout.
Seca heavy duty scales
Height measures
Various consumables and dressing supplies
Contaminated bins Sharp containers recycle bins and normal waste bins
X-ray viewing machine
Lockable drawers and cupboards split air-conditioning
Trolleys organised for pap smears and skin biopsies.
Treatment Room facilities:
Vaccination fridge with built in alarm data logger light and temperature setting.
Back up fridge battery
Baby scales height measure baby mat and head circumference measure
BP machines and stethoscopes including BP machines for lawn to patients.
Stethoscopes ( provided for nurses doctors own their own stethoscopes)
Complete stationary sets
Trolleys organised for pap smears STD swabs and skin biopsies.
Hyfrecator 2000( mono and bipolar diathermy)
Liquid nitrogen cylinders with ladles and filling devices.
Fotofinder Digital dermoscopy machines
Sonic Doppler - obstetric and venous with printer
Ear syringes
Ear Wash Machine
Ishihara's eye charts for colour blindness
Emergency Trolley:
Ambu bags for CPR
Defibrillator -adult and paediatric pads
Torniquetes canula and IV fluids
Procedure Room:
Complete procedure sets for skin excisions- both reusable and disposable.
Various suture types and sizes
Plaster remover electric saw
Staple remover
IUD insertion sets
Eye Rust ring remover with different burr sizes
Suction machine
Different size dermal curettes and core biopsies and surgical blades
Software Medical director and Pracsoft
Internet TRUE
Patient Records Electronic
Medical Students TRUE
Equipment Auriscope, Baby Scales, Contaminated Waste Disposal, Diathermy, Dressings, Ear Syringe and/or Cerumen Loops, ECG (or availability for use), Emergency Bag, Emergency Drugs, Endotracheal Tubes, Eye Charts & Colour Blind Assessment, Eye Examination - Straining, Mydriatic, Local Anaesthetic, Gloves - Disposable & Sterile, Glucometer, Guedal Airways (Preferable disposable), Height / Weight Scales, IV Access, IV Fluids, Laryngoscope, Liquid Nitrogen, Magnifying Loupe, Measuring Tape, Nebulising Air Pump / Mask - Adult & Paediatric, Ophthalmoscope, Pap Smear Equipment, Patella Hammer, Peak Flow Monitor, Plastering Equipment, Positive Pressure Oxygen / Bag & Mask, Pregnancy Testing, Proctoscope, Refrigerator - Dedicated, Refrigerator Minimum - Maximum Thermometer, Sharps Disposal, Small Cuffs & Large, Specimen Collection Tourniquet, Syringes/Needles, Transport Swabs, Viral Culture Media, Urine Containers, Paediatrics Urine Bags, Specula - Aural & Nasal, Sphygmomanometer - Standard and Large, Paediatric Cuffs, Sterilisation On Site - Dry Heat, Steam Under Pressure, Chemical Standards Check and Records, Stethoscope, Suction, Suture Instruments & LA, Thermometer, Torch, Tourniquet, Tuning Fork, Fotofinder digital dermoscopy machines, Sonic doppler obstetric and venous, Portable US machine,data logger, extra battery(UBS) for computers and vaccine fridge, generator on site, ring cutter, staple remover, eye rust ring remover, Desirable Equipment, Digital Camera, Video Equipment
Distance from Hospital 1.1 Km from the practice about 3 mins drive and 14 minutes walk according to Google maps.
Please consult their website for further information."
Hospital Admitting FALSE
VMO rights at hospital No
Hospital Visiting Yes
Hopsital On-call Yes
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders represent 2 730 (4.6%) and australian born 52 234 (87.8%) with 2 749 (4.6%) speak a language other than English at home ( Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics)"
Calvary Hospital- Private Catholic Hospital
Riverina day surgery and Specialist Day Surgery- Private day surgeries
Multiple Nursing homes
Ambulance service
Multiple Allied health public and private
Charles Sturt University
Kapooka and Raaf base- military services
Multiple grain meat farming industries and dairy farms/industries
General stores Hotels restaurants and pubs.
New police Station
Court Room
Wagga Wagga City council Library and Civic theatre
Botanic gardens Wagga Museum
Carvan parks
Airport and train station
This is rostered among the majority of the general practice clinics in Wagga.
Nursing home visits as needed."
Night work As above
Weekend work Saturday 9:00am-12:00 noon. Sunday the practice is closed.
On Call As previously mentioned- GP after hours roster.
House Calls As per practice policy within a certain diameter zone for patients not capable of being seen at the practice.
Nursing Home Visits Yes - as needed.
Procedure room activity Optional pending GP/registrar skills and interests: Procedure room is fully operational for skin excissions, flaps and grafts, Mirena and implanon insertion and Removal, ingrown toe nails wedge resection, suturing, foreign body removals etc.
Also different joint and intra-lesional steroid injections etc"
Additional The practice is fitted with Cameras at reception and emergency alarm button for assistant with violent patient. Alarms are also fitted in doctors rooms. Surveillance camera is fitted on the outside of the building. An alaram system is fitted in the whole practice. The alarm will allert the practice manager in case of breach of the security or a power shortage.
Practice Manager Wagieh Mahrous
Practice Type General Practice

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