Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Training

Coast City Country General Practice Training is committed to ensuring its GP Registrars have access to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health training posts and education workshops. Health Statistics for the aboriginal peoples of Australia are still alarming with the average life expectancy at least 20 years below that of the general population.

To this end, CCCGPT has an Indigenous Health Training Plan and policy to support GP Registrars from Indigenous backgrounds undertaking Registrar training.

CCCGPT is also indebted to a large number of Aboriginal Health workers across the regions that are the foundation of our quality program. Additionally the assistance of Wiradjuri, UNSW Rural Clinical School and ANU School of General Practice, Rural and Indigenous Health, is gratefully acknowledged.

In each of the Local Training Group areas there are opportunities for GP Registrars to work in dedicated health facilities for ths area of health. As well, Aboriginal Health forms the basis of a full day of training in Release Programs.

CCCGPT recommends that all GPRs consider spending some of their training time working in an Aboriginal Medical Training Location. For more information, please contact your Medication Education Director of your Local Training Group or CCCGPT Head Office.

Current Aboriginal Medical Services in CCCGPT
  1. Canberra
  2. Narooma
  3. Nowra
  4. Wagga Wagga
  5. Wollongong