As you probably know the Federal Government is in the process of assessing tenders for new
Training Organisations to deliver the AGPT program from 1 January 2016. The locations of the new
training regions were announced earlier this year. The new training organisations are yet to be
As part of their obligations in 2015, existing Regional Training Providers (including Coast City Country
GP Training) have been tasked with managing the 2016.1 Practice Placement Process for their
existing registrars as well as the new 2016 intake. As a result our timeframes for the 2016.1 PMP are
very tight


The location you work in 2016.1 will determine which new training organisation you will belong
to from 1st January 2016. It is expected you will remain in this organisation and the subregion
within it for the entirety of your training.

To align with Department of Health Policy we have made the following decisions regarding registrar
allocations to the new training regions. Registrars will be allocated in alignment with their current
local training group as follows:

  • Illawarra,Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands Registrars will be allocated to the Lower Eastern
  • Murrumbidgee Riverina Registrars will be allocated to the Western Region
  • SENSWACT Rural pathway registrars will be allocated to Lower Eastern Region and
    SENSWACT General pathway registrars allocated to Western Region, with the following
    exceptions: SENSWACT Registrars who are general pathway and currently work in a rural
    practice will be in Lower Eastern Region if they remain in their 2015.2 practice for
    2016.1. General Pathway Registrars working in Queanbeyan GP in 2015.2 (who remain in that
    practice in 2016.1) will be allocated to Lower Eastern. If this does not align with your thinking or
    training plans please contact me via [email protected] or Tess van Duuren
    [email protected]


    The next step is to determine if you need to participate in the practice matching process for
    2016.1, Please consider your return of service obligations (rural/outer metro) as well as the
    RACGP second-practice requirement.

    Please refer to the AGPT policies for this information via the following link;

    Registrars who will be changing practice in 2016.1 you must participate in the PMP.

    We ask that you review the “Practice Matching Process for Existing GPRs FINAL” document. This document outlines essential key dates and requirements for Registrars wishing to change practice to
    follow. It is your responsibility to ensure you meet the tight deadlines in order to ensure your best
    opportunity for successful practice placement in 2016.1. If you have any questions regarding training
    regions etc. please email [email protected] and you will be responded to as soon as

    Registrars who are staying in their 2015.2 practice in 2016.1

    We ask that you complete an AGPT Application for Registrar Practice Placement and return to;
    [email protected].

    Please complete this form electronically. Signatures can be hand written and then a scanned copy of
    the form emailed to [email protected] Please note you need to complete this form
    for each location you will be working including afterhours services. Please ensure the hours you
    document on the form are accurate. These forms are due to CCCGPT by 1st October 2015

    Once your AGPT placement form has been reviewed and approved, it will be emailed by CCCGPT to
    the Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) for consideration. Once DoHA have approved and sent
    it to Medicare, you will be advised by CCCGPT to then submit you application for a Medicare Provider
    Number directly to Medicare. Please ensure you have this ready to send to Medicare as soon as you
    are advised to do so by CCCGPT. We cannot send the AGPT form to the Department until the
    end of October however we want to have them approved ready to send given the impending
    Organisational changes for 2016.

    The application for a Medicare Provider Number can be found at

    For registrars who are hoping to undertake an extended skills term or AST in a non-GP post in 2016.1

    Please submit an application to undertake an Extended Skills post. This must be returned to
    [email protected]. It will then be passed on to your Director of Training for consideration. If
    the ES post requires the support of CCCGPT for a provider number, please submit an AGPT Registrar Placement application to [email protected]

    For Registrars applying for leave in 2016.1

    You need to apply to your Director of Training for leave. Please complete this form and email this to
    [email protected]

    Download Print Version of this page here

    If you have any questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to contact Kellie Kembrey via
    [email protected]