Exam Enrolment & Preparation

We understand that exams can be very daunting and stressful experience for Registrars, which is why we offer a variety of assistance for FRACGP and FACRRM candidates:

  • Mock Examinations Each LTG hosts a mock clinical exam prior to RACGP Clinical Examination for Registrars enrolled to sit for the exams.
  • Local Study Groups Speak with your local DME or RLO to find out more information regarding a study group in your area.
  • Resources Library CCCGPT has a range of educational materials to assist you with your exam preparations. Speak with your local LTG Office to find out what is available.
When am I eligable to sit for the examination?


To be eligible for enrolment in the different compents of the RACGP exam, a Registrar must successfully complete:

  • GPT1 to qualify to sit the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)
  • GPT2 to sit the Key Feature Problem Questions (KFP) and the Clinical component (OSCE)

These training requirements must be complete by the closing date of enrolment in the RACGP examination and requires that RPL be completed before exam enrolment.


To be eligible for ACRRM exam components (years 2-4 of training) a Registrar must complete or obtain RPL for two years of training.

NOTE: Your RPL will be assessed by the ACRRM censor based on its own merits. We advise you to contact the ACRRM Medical Educators in your LTG to discuss the content of your RPL prior to its submission.

The components of ACRRM’s assessment are:

  • Multiple Source Feedback – Practice or Hospital based (timing elected by Registrar)
  • Multiple Choice Questions – twice yearly (dates set by ACRRM)
  • MiniCEX – Practice or Hospital based (registrars enrol on a term by term basis – their choice of term)
  • STAMPS (Clinical OSCE’s) – Can be completed after everything else
When are the exams being held?

All dates for the RACGP and ACRRM exams (including enrolment dates) can be found on our online calendar.