Promoting Your Practice Online

Once you have become an accredited practice, you will be looking to attract a GP Registrar to your practice. On this website, we provide a directory of our training posts to our GP Registrars. Once your practice has become accredited, your practice will appear in this directory as well as any public information CCCGPT has about your practice.

This profile contains information like:

  • Practice Address & Contact Details
  • Services & Special Interests of the Practice
  • Equipment Available
  • Distance from Hospital
  • Practice Availability
  • Photos of your practice
  • And much more….

As a practice you have control over the information shown in your profile, so you can control what GP Registrars view about your practice.

Click here to access your Practice Profile (via Search Directory).

Practice Availability

As well as your practice profile being displayed on our website, your practice availability is also displayed. Your practice availability is an indicator to GP Registrars whether you are available (or not available) to take on a GP Registrar for a certain semester (For example: Practice ABC may be available in Semester 1 of 2010, but may not be available for Semester 2 of 2010). This information assists our GP Registrars in helping them decide whether your practice is an appropriate training post. This information also assists CCCGPT in planning for future semesters.

Due to CCCGPT’s practice placement policy, there are 2 parts to updating your practice availability. As a practice manager, you can let your Local Training Group Office know your availability, and once approved they will notify the IT Team to update your availability on the website.

If availability has not been specified by your practice, a default value will automatically display “Contact Practice for more information” as the availability status for that particular semester.

How often should I be reviewing my practice’s profile and availability?

CCCGPT highly recommends you to review your practice profile every six months. You will be reminded by either your local LTG office or Head Office twice a year to complete this task.

More information on how to request updates to your practice profile can be found by contacting CCCGPT’s Accreditation Officer at our Wagga Office on 02 6923 5400.