Additional Supervisors

CCCGPT encourages General Practices to have more than one Supervisor as this can help share the load of teaching and is also useful when a Supervisor is on leave.

If the principal trainer is away for more than two weeks, then another accredited Supervisor must supervise or the Registrar may have training suspended.

In practices where the principal Supervisor is part time, additional Supervisor/s must be accredited.

The additional Supervisor needs to fill out an ‘Additional Trainer’ application. If approved, the accreditation is brought into line with the accreditation of the Principal Supervisor so that all Supervisors are re-accredited at the next accreditation cycle together. Additional Supervisors do not need extra practice visits by the RACGP but are processed by paper.

Practices are welcome to have as many additional supervisors as they choose, however each additional Supervisor must attend Supervisor training each year to maintain their accreditation with the RACGP, which should be taken into consideration when applying.

Practices who have PGY1 (interns) or PGY2 (RMOs) are encouraged to have multiple Supervisors to share the load.

To request an Application for an Additional Trainer Form, please contact our Accreditation Team.