Main Street Medical Centre

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Last modified 13/10/2015 9:08
Address 6/93 Main Street
Suburb Merimbula
Postcode 2548
State New South Wales
Branch Clinic n/a
Phone 02 6495 2555
Fax 02 6495 2021
Email [email protected]; [email protected]
No. of Doctors 2 Full Time, 3 Part Time
Opening Hours Monday - Friday 9am til 5pm
Philosophy Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Main Street Medical Centre to deliver a high quality, ethical, multi-disciplinary service to all of our patients and visitors regardless of age, race, colour or cultural background. We value the diversity of our patients and aim to treat all visitors to our facility with respect, compassion and dignity. We are committed to the continuance of medical education and training of our future practitioners and in so doing, ensure the longevity of exemplary healthcare provision within our community. We strive at all times to provide a friendly and welcoming environment, both for our patients and our colleagues alike. It is our aim to maintain a team of people who will work together in a spirit of co-operation, professionalism, mutual respect and dedication towards the unified goal of patient care and excellence.
Training style How routine teaching is organised: a) Who teaches and when, including expectations of the Registrar. Teaching will be mainly provided by the primary mentor who is also the practice principal. Formalised teaching comprises of 1-2 hours on Friday morning in which all the doctors are in attendance mainly focusing on case presentations and discussion of difficult cases. Protected registrar training would depend on the experience level of the registrar. Sessions provided would be mainly up to 3 hours on Thursday afternoon. Such sessions focus on specific learning needs of the registrar. On occasions teaching will be delegated to other mentors with specific interests eg. Woman’s health, skin cancer medicine, etc. Part of teaching involves early review (after first month) of areas of improvement or of concern to develop a specific learning plan. Regular reviews of this learning plan will be conducted and modification made as appropriate. External clinical teaching will enhance the practices on site teaching. Feedback to the mentor regarding the external teaching visits would be expected. Out of practice education with tutorials and organised training days to be discussed with the registrar’s mentor on how to best implement new learning skills and clarification of any issues. The registrar will be encouraged to have exposure to appropriate Mental health training as part of the attachment. b) Modes of teaching available, modes of teaching preferred Teaching includes dedicated topics of interest to the registrar and presentation of relevant cases with discussion of management. Sessions will also be dedicated focusing on the specific needs and interests of individual registrars. Teaching ‘on the run’ will compliment protected teaching sessions. Direct supervision of the registrar’s consultations by the mentor will be an integral part of training as would observation by the registrar of the mentor’s consultations and procedures. Onsite training of procedures relevant to General Practice will be part of the teaching program. Monitoring or the registrar’s self-directed learning and periodical review of such learning will be conducted with feedback given to the registrar on areas requiring further attention. c) The role of direct observation/videotaping in the practice Mentor will sit in with registrar consultations and observation of any new procedure conducted by the trainee. Videotaping of registrar consultation followed by feedback from mentor may also be used to compliment direct observation. d) Other teaching opportunities accessible from the practice (local physio, community nurses, palliative care team visits, other clinics)
Special Interest Practice patients include a variety of patient demographics. Clinical exposure to elderly patients retired in the community as well as young families. Cases include a balanced patient mix of general medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology and obstetrics antenatal care. Minor trauma such as lacerations and simple fractures. Skin cancer treatment including screening and surgery. The special interests and skills of individual supervisors and others involved in teaching. Special interests include skin cancer medicine, woman’s health, emergency medicine and palliative care.
Support Team Manager Junior and senior reception staff Registered Nurses
Allied Health Staff Registered Nurses General Nurse and Chronic Diseases Nurse Physiotherapy Psychology Audiology Visiting Specialists: Cardiology, Cardiac Echo, Pain Management, Dermatologist
Amenities 5 consult rooms, Treatment room, Reception Kitchen /Deck, Managers Office/Skype consult room, Teaching room, Patient and Staff toilets On site radiology/CT scanning/USS/Dexa with onsite radiologist.
Software Best Practice
Internet TRUE
Patient Records Electronic
Medical Students TRUE
Equipment Tuning Fork, Tourniquet, Torch, Thermometer, Suture Instruments & LA, Suction, Stethoscope, Sterilisation Off Site - Local Hospital / Certified Sterilisation Provider, Paediatric Cuffs, Sphygmomanometer - Standard and Large, Specula - Aural & Nasal, Specimen Collection Tourniquet, Syringes/Needles, Transport Swabs, Viral Culture Media, Urine Containers, Paediatrics Urine Bags, Small Cuffs & Large, Sharps Disposal, Refrigerator Minimum - Maximum Thermometer, Refrigerator – Dedicated, Proctoscope, Pregnancy Testing, Positive Pressure Oxygen / Bag & Mask, Plastering Equipment, Peak Flow Monitor, Patella Hammer, Pap Smear Equipment, Ophthalmoscope, Nebulising Air Pump / Mask - Adult & Paediatric, Measuring Tape, Magnifying Loupe, Liquid Nitrogen, Laryngoscope, IV Fluids, IV Access, Height / Weight Scales, Guedal Airways (Preferable disposable), Glucometer, Gloves - Disposable & Sterile, Eye Examination - Straining, Mydriatic, Local Anaesthetic, Eye Charts & Colour Blind Assessment, Endotracheal Tubes, Emergency Drugs, Emergency Bag, ECG (or availability for use), Ear Syringe and/or Cerumen Loops, Dressings, Diathermy, Dangerous Drugs Storage, Dangerous Drugs Registrar Book, Contaminated Waste Disposal,Baby Scales, Auriscope
Distance from Hospital Pambula Hospital 5km, Bega Hospital 27km
Hospital Admitting
VMO rights at hospital Dr Nick Theris Bega & Pambula Hospitals. Dr Nathan Dawe Bega Hospital
Hospital Visiting Hospital visits are only required in the event that a doctor applies for anf is granted a VMO position
Hopsital On-call Optional
Demographic Area Practice patients include a variety of patient demographics. Clinical exposure to elderly patients retired in the community as well as young families. Cases include a balanced patient mix of general medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology and obstetrics antenatal care. Minor trauma such as lacerations and simple fractures. Skin cancer treatment including screening and surgery.
Community Seaside tourist town. Local community includes working families as well as a retired population. Area supports influx of tourists during peak holiday periods Closest industry Bega Cheese factory situated in Bega 27 km from Merimbula
Evening work NO
Night work No
Weekend work No
On Call No - should the doctor be involved as a VMO, on call requirements are organised as part of the hospital roster
House Calls Yes- Home visits are organised as clinical need arises. Usually organised the same day or day before. Home visits are either during practice hours or after normal consult sessions are completed
Nursing Home Visits Yes
Procedure room activity Yes - Minor surgical excisions, Skin Cancer Medicine, Suturing Lacerations. Plastering fractures Usual dressings, vaccinations, Contraception e.g. Implanon, IUD insertion
Adv Procedural Skills Yes - Rotational skin flaps and grafts for excision larger skin cancer lesions
Additional Medical student teaching Main Street Medical Centre is a teaching practice for the Australian National University Registrar Feedback Main Street Medical Centre welcomes registrar feedback on ways to improve teaching and improve registrar’s overall experience Main Street Medical Centre endeavors to make Rural GP Registrar rotation a positive and fulfilling experience in the hope that well trained GPs make rural practice their ultimate career choice
Practice Manager Alison Tygh - Office Manager
Practice Type General Practice