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TES Updates

TES are rolling out the newest version (v1.1.8) in the next few days. This update includes language changes in the Tablet App, where ‘Assessments’ are now referred to as ‘Observations and Checklists’.
The iOS version of the app (for Apple products) is now available. If you would like to help test this instance of TES please let us know by emailing [email protected]

GPrime issue in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer users may have experienced a display issue with GPRime2 in the early hours of Tuesday 10/02/2015.
This issue has now been resolved.
We apologise for any inconvenience.

GP-Start Issues

GP-Start is experiencing intermittent issues with KCA saving functionality. The issue seems to be inconsistent with users, KCAs and Modules.
If you experience this issue, can you please email [email protected] and provide the following information.

  • Your name
  • GP-Start Module Number
  • GP-Start KCA Number
  • How/When the issue occurs
  • What type of Operating System you are using (Mac / Windows)
  • The browser you’re using and the version (Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 35.0)
  • Are you receiving any types of errors?
  • Any screen shots you can provide would be helpful
  • In the interim, we suggest writing your KCA answers in a Word document (or equivalent application) and pasting your answers into GP-start when the issue is resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience.

    2014 GP-Start Access Issue Resolved

    Original post: CCCGPT is aware that the 2014 GP-Start modules have become unsuccessful. We will update this post when the issue has been resolved.
    Due to our problems earlier in the year, GPT1 Registrars already have a one month extension for GP-Start modules.

    We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

    Update: The issue has been resolved.

    GPRime2 – TES Integration Update

    Today (12/06/2014), the Assessments in TES were integrated with GPRime2.
    This now means you will be able to see that your Assessments (TAC/ECTV/Formative Assessments, etc) have been completed within your Trainee Portfolio on GPRime2.
    If you would like to view the content of your assessments, please visit TES.

    TES has changed

    You may notice that TES has changed. The functionality remains the same, however the overall appearance is quite different.
    Tutorials on how to make your way around TES, please see the help page and select your role type.

    Password Problem

    Scenario: I changed my password, but now I can’t get into some of the systems. Why?
    Reason: At the moment the three systems are not connected. If you change your password, you will need to change your password in GPRime2, TES, and GP-Start.
    Solution: Single Sign On is currently being built to allow users to access all three platforms without having to re-enter their password into all the different systems. It will also allow you to change your password in one system and it will be the same for all systems.

    We appreciate your patience in this busy and exciting time.

    Training Details Information

    Scenario: I have logged into TES and noticed that my profile information is incorrect. Why?
    Reason: TES information is currently only default data. GPRime2 information will be migrated over the next few weeks which will resolve those issues. However, please check your GPRime2 information and let us know if anything is incorrect.

    We appreciate your patience and assistance in this busy and exciting time.

    Did You Know?

    CCCGPT now has an online help section which includes Video Tutorials, Quick Reference Guides, Frequently Asked Questions, and a Support Portal for all User Types (Supervisors, Medical Educators, Registrars), for all of our IT Systems (GPRime2, TES, GP-Start and more). This is¬†available on our public website under “Systems Help” on the home page.