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ISSH LTG Office Move
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Report from the CEO

Sharon Flynn


Well, the Tender for the AGPT is out as of today and it is an open competitive “Approach to Market” (ATM) with submissions due by 10 July 2015.

This provides a challenge and an opportunity for RTPs because rather than deliver training based on a pot of funds provided for the purpose weighted according to an historical understanding of training costs and geographical factors, we are now faced with the tendering for the real costs of training based on new criteria set by the Commonwealth as applicable in each new tendering region.

Our initial assessment is the nine months of work to date put into preparation to tender has really paid off for us, and our core executive staff are excited about the prospect of tendering and including thinking creatively about the future.

Although the tender has only been released today, the announcement of the boundaries in early April have enabled us to at least picture in part what the future will look like. After meeting in April the CCCGPT Board has worked out a tendering strategy that will be finalised following the RFT release.

A link to the Funding Round Summary and Guidance document will be available in the news section of the public website on Monday 1 June 2015. Any feedback or suggestions based on the selection criteria, would be welcome and can be provided to [email protected] up until 13 June 2015.

In the meantime I am most appreciative of the efforts of all CCCGPT staff, a number of whom have to balance managing 2015 in a “business as usual way” with helping prepare for organisational transition, or tender.

This week also brought the announcement of changes to the RA system and specifically its replacement with the Modified Monash Model for the purposes of resourcing health workforce programs. As a result for practices in our footprint some will be feeling like winners and others like losers because its immediate impact will be on General Practice Rural Incentives Program (GPRIPS). We will include a better analysis of changes in a future article.

Interestingly included in the press release was mention that the government is consulting with the sector about the value of exposing junior doctors to rural general practice. A rose by any other name? I know many of our supervisors would welcome the reinvention of PGPPP with a purposeful rural focus, so this will be watched with interest.

Sharon Flynn BBus MEc GAICD
Chief Executive Officer

ISSH LTG Office Move

The ISSH LTG Office has moved to a new location and has new phone and fax numbers. The Office is now located at Level 1, 99 Kenny Street, Wollongong NSW 2520. This is only about 300 metres from the old office.
Phone No.: 02 6923 5400
Fax.: 02 6923 5430

The existing phone and fax no. have been diverted temporarily to allow for the transition.


Supervisor Liaison Officer News

Dr Tuck Meng Soo

Dear Colleagues,

The major event that has happened in the last few months is the announcement of the boundaries for the new geographically-based Regional Training Providers for next year. The current Regional Training Providers in NSW and ACT will be consolidated into three new Regional Training Providers to be called North Eastern NSW, Lower Eastern NSW and Western NSW and ACT.

For the ISSH LTG, this will be subsumed within the Lower Eastern NSW RTP which will also include most of Greater Sydney. For the Murrumbidgee LTG, this will be part of the Western NSW and ACT RTP. The biggest impact will be on the ACT and SE NSW LTG where Canberra will be separated from most of the rural areas that are currently linked to it. Most of the rural areas that are now linked to Canberra will become part of the Lower Eastern NSW RTP and will be linked to Sydney.

To me, this doesn’t make any sense from the training and referral aspects. Currently, registrars based in Canberra have the option of working their rural terms in the rural areas contiguous to Canberra. This makes sense for the rural posts that are able to attract registrars who might not otherwise have thought about a rural post and makes sense for registrars who don’t have to travel too far from Canberra. Under the new arrangements, it is hard to see why a registrar from Sydney would want to travel down to Queanbeyan or Batemans Bay when they can do a rural post in the Southern Highlands so practices around Canberra and further south down the coast will lose out.

Furthermore, most of south east NSW would use ACT for their tertiary referrals and having training linked between Canberra and south east NSW enables our trainees to know the medical people and referral pathways involved in the care of their patients. I therefore see the new changes as being detrimental to training both in Canberra and South East NSW.

I understand that approaches are being made to the Federal Minster and DOHA about the new boundaries although I don’t have much confidence myself that any changes will now be made. As usual, the folk on the ground have to do our best with bad decisions.

I have just received an invitation to a GPSLON meeting in Melbourne in late May and no doubt, the new RTPs will be top of the list for discussion.


Registrar Liaison Officer News

Dr Iresha Perera

Firstly I would like to congratulate all the registrars who have passed the KFP exams. It seemed to have been a particularly tough exam this term. I wish all those undertaking the OSCE’s at the end of the month the very very best!

This year promises to be filled with change and anticipation, along with some potential frustration, depending on what side of the boundary you sit…. As most of you will now be aware, the training boundaries are changing and it seems Queanbeyan and Goulburn, along with the whole Illawarra/Shoalhaven/Southern Highlands (ISSH) area are being split from the ACT and Riverina/Murrumbidgee areas. Thus Registrars will have to think carefully about where they want to train for Term 1 2016, as this will likely influence which new training provider they will be with.
CCCGPT are endeavouring to keep all registrars as up to date as possible with any new changes. In light of this, the RLOs have had a meeting with the CEO and Director of Training of CCCGPT to discuss the new developments. Everything seems up in the air at the moment, but do keep an eye out for any news that may affect you. The General Practice Registrars Association is a great organisation to join to keep up to date and I would encourage all registrars to become a member.

So far registrars in the GPT1 cohort have voiced their concerns with a petition to the Federal Health Minister. A meeting with the ACT Minister for Health is also being arranged for those registrars interested in discussing these issues further. If you are interested in advocating for registrar training or have any specific queries or concerns, please get in touch with your local RLO. Now is an important time to be vocal with our concerns about the things that affect our training. For new Registrars in 2016, you can also go to the ‘frequently asked questions’ on the RACGP website (under General Practice Training 2016) for more information.

ISSH registrars should note that there is now a Facebook page to join. It will keep you up to date on all new exam information and is a good point of contact for general registrar support. ISSH are also running weekly OSCE prep workshops.

ACT and Southern NSW have instituted some new changes to their teaching with the small group tutorials. The feedback so far is positive and the RLOs would welcome any input on how to make these sessions more useful.

As a new RLO I look forward to working together with you all in the year to come.


Transition News

2015.2 AGPT Placement Forms

All Registrars have been advised to submit their AGPT placement forms for the 2015.2 term to [email protected] Once they have been processed by both CCCGPT and the Department of Health, Registrars will be notified to send their Application for a Medicare Provider Number directly to Medicare. We ask that all AGPT forms for 2015.2 please be submitted as soon as possible for next term so Medicare Provider Numbers are active prior to term commencement.

GPRime 2 Training Portfolios
Considerable work has been conducted to ensure all training data is recorded accurately within Registrar training portfolios in GPRime 2. All event data from GPRime 1 has been migrated over to GPRime 2. You can view which events you have attended by reviewing your training portfolio in GPRime 2. If you need technical assistance with this please contact our IT support staff via [email protected] If you have training questions regarding events attended or missed please refer them to [email protected] and they will be passed on to the appropriate staff member. Please also spend some time reviewing your training portfolio and advise if there are any areas you need clarification

If you have any questions relating to training data for Registrar working towards FRACGP, please don’t hesitate to contact me [email protected].

Kellie Kembrey
Transition Project Manager


Aboriginal Health Resources

The CCCGPT has a web page dedicated to Aboriginal health issues.

It has information on Aboriginal health training posts, policies relating to Aboriginal health and a map showing the various Aboriginal language groups covered by the CCCGPT footprint, as well as upcoming events for 2015.

You are invited to check out the webpage at

Meet the Staff

Kate Elliott-Rudder


Hi everyone!

I’m Kate, the token baby of the Wagga office. I primarily do data entry and create the newsletters, as well as random jobs here and there. For example, the highlight of my first week here was being an actor patient for the mock OSCE activity for the new registrars’ orientation. I can now proudly put ‘portrayal of 33 year old policewoman’ on my list of skills. I think they bought it…

I finished school last year at Wagga’s Kooringal High School, and will be heading on down to Wollongong next year to begin a double degree in Arts and Media & Communication Studies. In the meantime, I spend my days drinking more coffees than is healthy, laughing awkwardly at Pam and Amy’s (IT) inside jokes and ruthlessly taking on gigabytes of rogue data.


IT News

The Single Sign-On service will soon be available to roll out in the CCCGPT IT environment. This system will allow all users to log in once, providing access to GPRime2 and TES interchangeably, without the need to re-enter your password.

With this long awaited step forward we will also be introducing more secure password policies. These new policies will not be particularly onerous however they will ensure that very simple, guessable passwords are not able to be used. This is in response to recent security events and the ever increasing threat of external compromise of Internet based systems.

Over the next few weeks please keep an eye out for an email from CCCGPT regarding Single Sign-On and your new password. All user passwords will be changedwhen the system is introduced due to the need for these higher complexity passwords and to maintain the security of our systems.

If you have any queries now, please email [email protected]