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Report from the CEO

Sharon Flynn

Dr Guan Yeo & Sharon Flynn

Dr Guan Yeo & Sharon Flynn

Welcome to our first Newsletter of 2015.

I write these words as a CEO who continues to feel like they live in two universes: one involving the management of a growing training program (2015 activity) and the other, one where our company is coming to the natural end of its life on or around December 31 2015.

The good news is that the Commonwealth has delivered on its undertakings to continue to fund 2015 training activity in line with the resources provided in previous years. This will enable us to maintain all practice and supervisor support payments and initiatives throughout 2015.

I would have liked to update staff, Registrars, Supervisors and our many stakeholders about boundaries for new training providers however this information has not been released by the Commonwealth. Rumours abound and the only clear principles emerging from the noise are:

  • Options for NSW/ACT considered appear to have ranged across the spectrum of one for the state (inclusive of ACT) to 2-3 in NSW.
  • The tender will be constructed to ensure that existing RTPs are not advantaged in the process
  • Successful tenders will be announced no later than 16 August 2015
  • The collaboration of existing RTPs of which we are a part (CoastCityCountry, Wentwest and Beyond Medical Education) continues to work closely together and indeed joint consultation among ME teams is largely complete while the first stages of consultation among supervisors has also just concluded. Supervisors will hear more about this shortly.

    Based on this continuing goodwill and confirmation of common ground, the collaboration is well placed to tender for a region or regions of NSW/ACT as required. A breakup of the current CCCGPT region between multiple new regions would not be surprising hence the reference to multiple tenders.

    Regardless of the tender process or outcomes CCCGPT is intent on making the transition to a new training organisation, CCCGPT+ or a new player in the space, as smooth as possible for Registrars and practices. This will involve either ensuring everyone understands the value proposition and modus operandi of our new organisation, or ensuring the intentions (for 2016) of any new entity are understood sooner rather than later.

    The most important thing to recognise from this point forward is that CCCGPT is now officially an organisation in transition. The next CEO Bulletin in April will elucidate more on this theme and the impact of transition on all staff, stakeholders and practices. Ensuing bulletins will be known as CCCinT (CCC in Transition)

    For the time being and as I shared with Murrumbidgee Registrars, staff and practices at the recent graduation dinner; one of my favourite songs at the moment, or at least one I can’t get out of my head, is Conchita Wurst’s 2014 Eurovision winner “Rise like a Phoenix” . Our team is working hard to “rise like a phoenix out of the ashes” .

    Supervisor Liaison Officer News

    Ken Mackay


    The news that the regional training providers will have their funding ceased has caused tremendous concern across the GP training community. There has been much angst and further work towards supporting the services and resources currently in place. The options for the future are very broad but CoastCityCountry Training has made significant endeavours to shape the future for training in the Riverina so that the current training standards and developed local resources will continue.
    I have been associated with the proposal for the next phase which will involve other regional training providers so that the next iteration will cover a much larger geographical area similar to the moves that have occurred with Medicare Locals. The risks of losing local input are well recognised and significant efforts are being made to ensure much of the development, communications and contacts will be maintained. However it is likely that there will be competitive bids and the federal Department of Health will have the final say as far as the successful bidders and the funding that is provided.

    Despite these potential hurdles the necessary expansion of the number of teaching practices has continued across CoastCityCountry. Another aspect also occurring in this phase is the ongoing accreditation visits to support and report on practice compliance with training standards. Most practices have had exemplary reports. In addition there have been new practices come on board and they are congratulated in taking this momentous step.

    Registrar Liaison Officer News

    Dr Belinda Allan farewells CCCGPT

    Greetings to all our new registrars that have joined CCCGPT in 2015! Our 2015.1 term kicked off with information-packed orientation days and dinners for GPT1 registrars occurring across the three LTGs. A huge thank you to the coordinators and staff who made these programs run efficiently and filled them with essential information for starting in the general practice training environment.

    It was a pleasure to run the Doctors Safety and Professionalism workshop for the registrars from SENSW/ACT. I was humbled by the wealth of experience, professionalism and collective wisdom that was openly shared by registrars in small groups.

    I am sad to announce that I will be hanging up my RLO hat at the end of February 2015 as I progress to RACGP fellow and say goodbye to the training program. Over the past two years as RLO I have watched changes in LTG leadership, bi-college accreditation, five rounds of RACGP examinations and multiple ACCRM examinations pass by. The greatest challenge however was the announcement by the federal government to axe our GP Education and Training body and attempt to amalgamate its vital functions into the department of health. Including the decision to reduce training providers and introduce a tender process for the ongoing provision of training. As an RLO this hurled my day-to-day role of advocating for registrars onto a political path at a national level. One that I wished was not necessary.

    Over the past long months I have been moved by the response of people involved in GP training and how much they care and are passionate about providing quality, practical and sustainable education in this changing environment. There is so much more than “finding efficiencies” that must occur to provide this caliber of training. I have been impressed by the commitment of CCCGPT staff to the provision of best possible outcomes for GP registrars despite the enormous pressure placed on them by these extenuating circumstances. It has been a pleasure to work with such a dedicated and responsive team. Particularly to Dr Tess Van Duuren for her mentorship and being a vital point of contact for RLOs when facing difficult registrar situations.

    We look forward to the year ahead and appointing another RLO to take my position, in particular someone who will have a political focus to best represent our registrars at a local and national level. We will be announcing this in the near future. Registrars please do not hesitate to speak to your RLO about any issues you may be facing during your training. The RLO role is to provide a confidential support service to registrars, be an advocate between stakeholders and provide valuable resources. All of which we hope enables you to have a smooth and high quality vocational journey.

    New Chair Announcements


    At the CCCGPT Extraordinary General Meeting on 12 November 2014, Dr Rod McMahon was unanimously elected as Chair of the CCCGPT Board, effective from 12 November 2014. Dr McMahon replaces Dr Bill Coote as Chair.

    CCCGPT Calendar

    We are delighted to share the news that our 2015 Events Calendar is up and running. All CCCT events, or specific CCCT LTG events are ready to be viewed by all.

    With the new calendar we have given our users the ability to subscribe, adding it to your own online calendar of choice;

  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook
  • Apple Calendar
  • Other
  • it-01

    Your subscribed calendar will automatically update if any changes are made to the event, without the need to resubscribe or update anything. This will help keep everyone informed of upcoming events.


    Download the user guide for the 2015 Calendar here

    Meet Pam Readford


    Hello Everybody!

    My name is Pam! I am the CCCGPT IT Assistant and am based at Wagga Wagga HQ. I have a background in web design, animation and computer geekery. Prior to working at CCCGPT I was teaching at Charles Sturt University in Animation, Visual Effects, Design and Multimedia. I am currently studying my post-graduate honours in Bachelor of Arts, with specialisations in Animation.

    Outside of business I am prone to embarrassing clumsy moments, and always find the time for a laugh. Dad-jokes and puns (especially) are my weaknesses. As a consequence, the Wagga Wagga IT department has resorted to keeping a “Pun-ishment Jar” where $1 is placed for every pun made by either Amy (IT Officer) or myself. In the first week we made $35!

    I’ve been with CCCGPT since June 2014, you may have spoken to me over the phone or by email if you’ve had technical issues. I am enjoying working with everyone here at CCCGPT! There’s still so much to learn, so I like to keep Amy on standby as my CCCGPT encyclopaedia of knowledge.

    March Supervisor Workshop

    Amy and Pam will be available at the Wollongong Supervisors Workshop to assist with any IT questions that you may have.

    We will be floating around the workshops, coffee stands, and food tables. Please feel free to talk to us at any time if you have queries or feedback.

    Murrumbidgee Riverina Fellowship Dinner


    CoastCityCountry GP Training’s Graduation Dinner and Fellowship Celebration was held on Wednesday 25th February at the Wagga Wagga Country Club. Sixty guests joined us for this celebration as the dinner recognised 20 new Fellows from the Murrumbidgee Riverina area who successfully undertook their Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Fellowship examination in 2014. We were joined by guest speakers such as Dr Guan Yeo, RACGP representative ACT/NSW Faculty, with a speech that captivated the audience and inspired all; and our Valedictorian, Dr Tao Geng who spoke of her own positive experiences and support during her time with CCCGPT.

    MR LTG congratulates the following new Fellows:

  • Dr Tao Geng
  • Dr Rachel Glasson
  • Dr Shuai Wang
  • Dr Md Shaheenul Islam
  • Dr Md Shirazul Islam
  • Dr Anjuman Jui
  • Dr Rizwan Khan
  • Dr Dinesh Mehra
  • Dr Parthibhan Shanmugasunderam
  • Dr Humera Fatima
  • Dr Farhana Jahan
  • Dr Liwei Shi
  • Dr Chandrika Yapa
  • Dr Genevieve Thompson
  • Dr Katrina De Marco
  • Dr Bernadetta Ratnam
  • Dr Thevashangar Vasuthevan
  • Dr Aftab Ahmed
  • Dr Nahid Majumdar
  • Dr Mirza Rahman
  • Many of these doctors will continue to contribute to the general practice workforce throughout the Murrumbidgee Riverina area.


    Aboriginal Health Prize 2014


    The winner of the 2014 CCCGPT Aboriginal Health Prize was announced at the Medical School Graduation Ball which was held in the Great Hall of Parliament House on Friday, 19 December 2014. The winner, Dr Kerrie Aust was presented with the award by Ms Gaye Doolan, Chair CCCGPT Aboriginal Health Training Committee.

    The prize is awarded annually to an ANU student and its aim is to promote knowledge of, and interest in, Indigenous health. Students are required to submit a 2,000 word essay demonstrating their knowledge of Aboriginal health and how this has informed their clinical practice and cultural competence with an emphasis on their personal reflection. In submitting her essay, Dr Aust reflected:

    Thank you for the wonderful experiences. I enjoyed looking back on what I have learned, and thinking about the experiences that I have had.

    AIDA Academic Term

    Aditya Prakash Mallik, CCCGPT Registrar

    I am a GP3 registrar with Coast City Country General Practice Training (CCCGPT) currently doing an academic term in Canberra. This is an inaugural training post based at The Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association (AIDA) Secretariat in Canberra, with two days of clinical work at Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service. This Academic General Practice Training Post is delivered by AIDA’s unique partnership between General Practice Education and Training (GPET), CCCGPT and the Australian National University (ANU).

    I applied for this position through GPET around the middle of last year. I had the opportunity to attend AIDA’s research master class and an academic research workshop organised by GPET before beginning this position. So far I have received great support from my supervisors and team and hope to have a good learning experience from this term.

    This post offers a unique professional development opportunity to develop skills in the areas of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, academic research and policy. I hope to learn from my experiences with all of the partners to make this general practice term as productive as possible.