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A message from the CEO
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Organisational Restructure
Anaesthesia 2014


A message from the CEO

Sharon Flynn


What does the future hold?

Welcome to the CCCGPT newsletter! While we have always had news items on our website, and email updates of events and news, we have decided to produce a regular newsletter in order to have news and articles readily available to all through the one medium on our website. We plan to produce the newsletter every two months, and I trust it will be useful to you in keeping you informed and up to date with news items of both professional and social interest, what is happening, forthcoming events, and so on.

Looking at the list of topics in this newsletter, there has been a lot happening, and I trust you enjoy the articles that follow. For my part as your CEO, I just wish to spend some time dealing with the future of CCCGPT and the other Regional Training Providers (RTPs).

As you will be aware by now, we and the other 16 RTPs across Australia have some challenging times ahead as we plan for the changes flowing from the recent Government budget decisions impacting the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) and the not for profit organisations that deliver training. The Government is now moving to abolish GPET (General Practice Education and Training) effective from 31 December 2014, and transfer its functions into the Department of Health and subject the training program to an open and competitive tendering process in early 2015 for 2016.

The GPET functions that will transition to the department include management of the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program, the Overseas Trained Doctor National Education and Training (OTDNET) Program and the General Practice Rural Incentives Program (GPRIP) for AGPT registrars. The Prevocational General Practice Placements Program (PGPPP) will also cease at the end of this year (though terms run in to the early part of 2015).

PGPPP funding has been used to increase AGPT places by 300 for 2015, though the push back against the cancellation of the program has been strong amongst CCCGPT’s registrars, rural supervisors and other rural organisations including RDAA, and particularly in NSW. CCCGPT supports these sentiments recognising the negative impact on the rural training pipeline.

Despite the major changes looming, it’s business as usual for 2015!

I trust this newsletter will assist in keeping you up to date about what the future holds for CCCGPT and the sector as a whole. At its June Meeting the CCCGPT Board approved key strategies and activities that should see the company able to participate in the proposed competitive tender process and all being well, the next newsletter will provide these details. Please stay connected with us as we continue to provide our high standard of GP training services.

Sharon Flynn, CEO
August 2014


Dates for your Diary

6 August – ISSH Medical Educators Professional Development Day
9 August – 2014.2 RACGP AKT/KFP exams
14 August – ISSH 2-Day Release GPT1 and GPT2
15 August – Workshop Drugs and Alcohol Medicine, Adolescent Health & The Fellowship Dinner
16 August – Refugee Health Difficult Patients Workshop

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Supervisor Liaison Officer News

Rowena Ivers

GPET recently held the GP Supervisor Liaison Officer Network (SLON) meeting, which Rowena Ivers attended for CCCGPT. Supervisors around the country are very concerned about ramifications of a number of items in the Federal budget, including dissolution of GPET and the tender process for Regional Training Providers and were concerned about how this might affect continuity for GP supervisors and also for registrars.

They were very concerned about the potential effect of a $7 co charge on patient numbers and on how this would affect a practice’s ability to support a registrar, especially in the context of the placement of an additional 300 registrars around the nation. The SLON planned to present their views to relevant bodies, especially in response to tender conditions for RTPs.
In June, CCCGPT co-hosted (with MDA – Dr Genevieve Yates) a workshop on legal issues for GP Supervisors which provided information about their responsibilities, notably that they are liable for their registrars, even if unlikely to be sued; and that the Supervisors should ensure sufficient orientation, for example checking which procedures they are able to do.
SLOs continue to support supervisors, for example supporting new practices and responding to queries regarding minimum terms and conditions for registrars.

Rowena Ivers


Registrar Liaison Officer News

Kristin McMahon

The CCCGPT RLOs have communicated to our cohorts that the 2014 Budget has proposed major changes to GP registrar training. These include cessation of the PGPPP program, elimination of GPET and major changes to the Regional Training Provider structure. Various organisations may have the opportunity to tender for ongoing training of GP registrars. We have provided reassurance regarding the success of previous transitions in the GP training environment. All registrars have been encouraged to discuss their training plans in detail with their Medical Educators. Most of our registrars have been keen simply to ensure that our training continues as expected -‘business as usual’- with assurance that any previously held agreements regarding our progress and expectations for completion of training will be honoured by future training organisations. This will allow us to finish our training pathways in the expected timeframe, and with an appropriately high level of education, supervision and support. There have also been concerns regarding the impact of the proposed $7 co-payment charges on current practice.

There is a lot of registrar interest in the upcoming communication of new processes for applying for and securing future practice placements. The concern is whether this will be well understood by all existing and incoming registrars, supervisors and practice managers. This will allow a standardised and equitable process, as well as matching of registrars to practices best suiting both their specific training needs and family/personal commitments.

Kristin McMahon



IT Update

With the introduction over the last few months of new and updated IT Systems we’ve recognised the need to provide a refresh of information and training for people using these systems. As part of this we’ve produced some new, brief, task-oriented documents aimed at specific groups of users within CCC. These documents show you how to perform these tasks and which application you should use to perform them. These are available from within the IT Systems Help site on the Coast City Country Website: IT Systems Help. For example, if you are a Supervisor and wish to find out how to complete a Formative Assessment Form, therei s a section that tells you which system to use and how to complete the task.

As a general reminder, the Systems Help site is the place to go to if you have any questions about the IT systems you are using. You can access this from the link above or by clicking on the Systems Help button on the Coast City Country website:


On this page, there are tabs for specific roles:


Beneath each of these tabs you will find Common Tasks, Quick Reference Guides and Video Tutorials specific to each of the roles – Registrars, Supervisors, Medical Educators and Practice Managers. There is also a brief FAQs section.

If you cannot find the answer to your question in these places you can always log a support call with the IT Help Desk by clicking on the Support Portal button then selecting “New support ticket”, which will allow you to enter the details of your problem for resolution.


We’ll be adding more information to the support site over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for additional information on the site.



Organisational Restructure

In light of the budget announcements and until we successfully tender to support operations beyond December 2016, recruitment across the organisation has been put on hold, including the replacement of Dr Karen Flegg who resigned as the DoT in Canberra earlier in the year.

Until we have more certainty about the future, Dr Tess van Duuren will be the acting DoT in the SENSW/ACT LTG, leading the very able team of Medical Educators and staff. Tess is assisted and supported in this role by Dr. Allison Miller (DoT, ISSH) and Dr. Tim Caton (DoT, MR). Rest assured that immediate short term recruitment to replace the DoT will take place should these arrangements turn out to be impractical. Please contact Tess should you have any concerns.

Nuala(previously the education manager in the Canberra Office) has been promoted to a new position with oversight of the administration of all CCCGPT Programs. Nuala and her Program Managers (Fran Trench and Kellie Kembrey), as a team, provide the administrative support to all Supervisors and Registrars in the RTP. Recruitment to replace Nuala is also on hold given budget and contract uncertainties, but instead we have redefined roles and invested resources in creating a new first point of contact (FPOC) process.

All enquiries will now be answered through a centralised system (‘one-stop shop’) to ensure they are answered by the appropriate Program Manager.

Telephone Enquiries: 69235412
Email Enquiries: [email protected]

Melissa Hubbard oversees this service answering all queries where possible or transferring your queries on to the right CCCGPT staff member.



Girl Interrupted

We are all in a hurry to get on so sometimes we interrupt our patients before they have finished talking. If you control the urge you can hear some interesting opening gambits. My all time favourite was when I was in my second term as a GP registrar in the UK. A 19 year old bookish blonde university student shyly entered my cramped consulting room and I asked her what was wrong. She stared at me for a second and uttered,
“Anorexics have problems with food, I have problems with friends…”. She then continued talking for about 5 minutes. It felt longer. Subsequently she showed me 5 tablets in her hand which seemed to ‘help’. They were chlorpromazine. I muttered something about continuing with these for now and promised I would get her to see someone who could help.

Luckily we had a psychiatrist who visited the community centre next door every week and he would join the GPs for coffee. I spoke to him about her and he asked me, “When she spoke to you did it feel like several hours instead of several minutes?” I agreed and he smiled and said, “So she is thought disordered.” He then agreed to see her and later confirmed she had no other psychiatric symptoms continuing the prn chlorpromazine. Subsequently her symptom settled and she was well. It transpired she had not been given the job of secretary of the Christian Union. I wonder how things would have gone had I prevented her talking initially.

The average time to interrupt the patient ranges between 12-23 seconds. Less than 1 in 3 patients are allowed to complete their opening statement. Allowing the patient to complete their statement in one study resulted in a consult time of 14 minutes and 52 seconds instead of 15 minutes and 18 seconds.
Therefore I beseech you all to shut up for at least the first minute. Bring the patient into your sanctum, smile and wait, they’ll be happy you did!

Dr Mark Sands
Mark Sands



Get to know the Events Manager/EA to CEO

I have been with CCCGPT since Sept 2007 after coming out of early retirement aka ‘stay at home Mum.’

I am a born and bred Wagga Wagga girl, happily married with 2 children.

Late last year I decided to give my body an overhaul and introduced health and happiness by
adopting a plant-passionate diet.

Juicing is now part of my daily routine and I am slowly converting my family and work colleagues.
Why don’t you give my juicing recipe a try, ditch the coffee and give it a go, you will thank me for it.

  • 2 large cucumbers (peeled if not organic)
  • big fistful of kale
  • 5 stalks celery
  • 1 – 2 big broccoli stems
  • 1 pear or green apple (optional)
  • 1-inch piece of ginger (or less)

1. Wash and prep all ingredients.
2. Juice all ingredients.

Happy juicing!

Melissa Hubbard
Melissa Hubbard


Gulaga Cultural Immersion Trip – NSW South Coast

Gaye Doolan, Chair, CCCGPT Aboriginal Health Training Committee
This is an opportunity not to be missed. CCCGPT invites GPRs, MEs and Supervisors to attend a
weekend Aboriginal cultural immersion experience on Yuin Country, NSW South Coast. Dates for the
cultural immersion weekends for the remainder of 2014 are as follows:
22-24 August
12-14 September
26-26 October
21-23 November
12-14 December
Gaye Doolan

This is the second year that CCCGPT has offered this trip and a small number have taken the opportunity to undertake this incredible experience. One of the GPRs who attended a trip in 2012 wrote an article describing her personal experience. The following is an extract from that article. Click here to view full article

I’m not someone who would usually use a word like “awesome”, but I think it is such an
appropriate term for describing this experience. Awesome. Awe struck. In awe of the relationships and connections established. In awe of such an amazing, respectful and ancient culture – that is still living, despite our awful history. In awe of what these people are bringing to us all – which isn’t always easy.
(Dr Mel Dorrington, GPR)

Some other comments from participants who have attended include:
One of the most powerful concepts promoted was that of conciliation rather than re-conciliation which really occurs between people who are not on the same page. We met and stayed with people we would never have otherwise had the opportunity of learning with. All different, and all with an important story to tell. We learnt a lot.
(Dr Duncan MacKinnon, Supervisor)

Was a great experience and special weekend. (Dr John Watson, Supervisor)

If you would like to participate in this amazing experience or for further information and registration
form for these tours please contact;
Gaye Doolan, Chair, CCCGPT Aboriginal Health Training Committee

Gaye Doolan
[email protected]


Registrations now open for ANAESTHESIA 2014

Opal Cove Resort, Coffs Harbour

North Coast GP Training is pleased to present ANAESTHESIA 2014, to be held in Coffs Harbour,
NSW from 18th – 19th October 2014.

This two day conference was created to provide very practical information and applied learning to
contemporary issues facing GP anaesthetists.

This year we are thrilled to be able to present “The Accidental Intensivist” delivered by keynote
speaker, Dr Michael Corkeron. In addition to plenary sessions and problem based learning
discussions we are also happy to present a series of workshops at the Coffs Harbour Hospital
Simulation Centre which will provide highly valuable and practical hands-on learning.

Delegates will have the opportunity to choose two out of three workshops each offering a hands-on
learning experience working with clinicians from various disciplines to create the most realistic
scenarios. The day of workshops will be held at the state-of-the-art Interprofessional Simulation
Centre (iSimCentre) at Coffs Harbour Hospital and will include: an ultrasound workshop, employing
the latest in ultrasound technology and equipment; an immersive simulation workshop; and a difficult
airways simulation workshop.

Open to all anaesthetists, this conference will be of special relevance to GP anaesthetists, GP
anaesthesia trainees, their supervisors and associates working in provincial practice.
The Anaesthesia 2014 conference will be a great opportunity to update your knowledge and skills,
and to network with colleagues from across Australia. 40 Category 1 RACGP CPD points are
available for the weekend workshop.

There are limited places for the workshops so please book early. Early bird prices are available until
31st July 2014. To register for ANAESTHESIA 2014, to view the program or for further information
please visit or contact Amanda Shoebridge, p. 02 66815711 or
e: [email protected]